July 10

End Your Day Right: The Best Questions For Daily Self-Reflection


Are you ready to take your progress evaluation to the next level? Often, our minds zero in on what went wrong or where we fell short. But to truly grow, we need to adopt a balanced perspective. At the end of each day, use this simple, yet effective, method for daily self-reflection to reflect on your progress.

The Three Key Questions

At the end of your day, take a moment to reflect on these three questions:

  1. What Went Well?
    – Focus on the positives. Did you complete a task efficiently? Did something turn out better than expected? Celebrate these wins, no matter how small.
  2. What Didn’t Go Well?
    – Identify the areas where things didn’t go as planned. Maybe you procrastinated, got distracted, or a task took longer than expected. Acknowledge these areas without judgment.
  3. What Would I Do Differently?
    – Consider how you can improve for next time. Would giving yourself more time help? Should you reschedule certain tasks to a different day? This is about finding solutions and refining your approach.

Another insightful question to consider is:
– What are the consequences of not completing the action? Reflect on the impact of not following through. For instance, if you didn’t post on social media, the consequences might include your audience missing valuable information that could help them.

Evaluating with Curiosity, Not Judgment

It’s easy to be hard on ourselves, but judgment hinders growth. Instead, approach these self-reflection questions with curiosity:
Curiosity Over Judgment: If you didn’t complete a task, ask yourself why, with genuine curiosity. For example, ‘Why did I keep putting off this task?’ instead of ‘I failed to do this again’.
Learn and Adapt: Use your reflections to learn and adapt. Understanding why something didn’t work helps you find better strategies for the future.

Practical Steps for Daily Evaluation

1. Set Aside Time: Dedicate a few minutes at the end of each day for daily self-reflection.
2. Write It Down: Journaling your answers can be incredibly beneficial.
3. Stay Consistent: Make this evaluation a daily habit for continuous improvement.
4. Share Your Insights: If you’re comfortable, share your reflections with a community or accountability partner.

Action Acceleration

By evaluating your day with these questions, you can create a habit of daily self-reflection for continuous improvement. Remember, the aim is progress, not perfection. Reflect on what went well, learn from what didn’t and always push yourself to make better choices tomorrow.

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  • This end-of-day reflection is more important than people realize! I also do this in the morning as I wake up and plan my day. Thank you for the inspiration and wonderful ideas!

  • A few months ago, I reviewed Ben Franklin’s 13 Character Traits and I used a reflection template similar to this. Then life happened and I lapsed. Thanks for this reminder.

  • I don’t do this regularly. I know I should! I need to set aside the first minutes in bed to thinking about the day. Requires discipline that when I am sleepy, I might not display LOL

  • I do this most nights before falling asleep. Not as structured at you describe it, mainly “how was my day” – it’s good to note how many small things I achieved

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