July 5

Informed Commitment: A Proven Path To Setting Yourself Up For Success


Achieving our goals often hinges on how we commit to them.

Overcommitment is a common issue. Many people commit to actions without fully considering their schedules. For instance, someone might decide to dedicate three hours every day to a business project, only to realise later that work, appointments or social engagements make this impossible. This mismatch between intention and reality can lead to frustration and a sense of failure.

Planning Ahead for Success

To avoid overcommitment, it’s essential to plan ahead. Before making any commitments, take a close look at your schedule and ask yourself:

  • What existing commitments do I have?
  • How much free time is realistically available?
  • Are there any unforeseen events that could impact my plan?

Answering these questions ensures that your commitments are realistic and achievable.

Honouring Your Word to Yourself

Honouring your word to yourself is vital. It’s the foundation of self-trust and confidence. When you make a commitment and follow through, you reinforce the belief that you can achieve your goals. This consistency creates a sense of inevitability about your success.

Practical Steps to Informed Commitment

  1. Review Your Schedule: Before committing, look at your calendar and see what you have already booked in.
  2. Assess Your Availability: Determine how much free time you genuinely have each day.
  3. Set Realistic Goals: Based on your available time, set goals that are challenging yet achievable.
  4. Adjust as Needed: If something unexpected comes up, adjust your commitments accordingly. Flexibility is key.
  5. Communicate Clearly: If you’re working with a coach or accountability partner, clearly communicate your available time and any changes to your schedule.

Building the Habit of Success

Creating success is about more than just setting goals; it’s about setting the right goals and ensuring you have the time and resources to achieve them. By thoughtfully committing to tasks, you set yourself up for success and build the habit of following through.

Action Acceleration

Decide the action you want to take this week, check your calendar and see what you can realistically commit to. Then schedule in those actions. Informed commitment is a powerful tool in creating the life and business you desire.

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  • So I am the YES person and I try to do everything. I get overwhelmed and upset at myself for saying yes, but I still do it. Thank you for the inspiration to evaluate and set a schedule. I still need to say no in a different way….

  • As someone with a tendency to try and take it all on, these are great tips for me to keep in mind. I definitely overcommit. I just began writing out advanced plans in my planner and it really is working!!!

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