What Can I Tweet if I Don’t Have My Own Content?

What Can I Tweet if I Don’t Have My Own Content?

What Can I Tweet if I Don’t Have My Own Content?

Are you asking yourself, “What can I post on Twitter?” Don’t worry. Even if you don’t have your own content (like a blog posts or videos), you have a number of other options.

Here are a few content ideas you can share on Twitter to gain more followers and increase engagement, even if you don’t have content of your own.  Even if you do, these ideas will be helpful and can help round out your social media posting schedule.

If you are really stuck for ideas you can always retweet other people's content.  You don't want your Twitter stream to be filled with only content you have retweeted. You want people to be retweeting your content.


One of the easiest things to post on Twitter is quotes. You can easily find hundreds, if not thousands, of quotes by doing a simple Google search.  You can get leadership quotes, funny quotes, inspirational quotes… the list is endless.

Simply copy and paste some of the quotes into your feed. Quotes are so easy for other people to retweet.

Here are a few you can use (Click on the ‘click to tweet' link and it will post straight out into your feed):

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom. – Marcel Proust   <<Click to Tweet>>

The key is to keep company only with people who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best. – Epictetus  <<Click to Tweet>>

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why. – Mark Twain  <<Click to Tweet>>

Images with quotes are also very popular.  According to Buffer, visual content is 40 times more likely to be shared than other types of content. You can easily create a graphic with a quote or interesting statistic on it using a free, easy-to-use program like Canva or PicMonkey. (Watch this video to learn how to use PicMonkey.)

Here is one I created using Canva:

Other People’s Content

Sharing the blog posts of other people in your industry is also a great idea.

You can share the entire post with a link.  If there is room you can also add a comment about what you thought of the post.

Another option is to pull key ideas from their post and turn those into tweets.  Add to the tweet the name of the person that wrote the post.  Even better, for both of these options, is to find their username on Twitter and add that to the post. That way they will know you are sharing their content.  It is a great way to build relationships.

If you are retweeting posts you can use the ‘Retweet with Quote' feature to add your own thoughts.

Industry Tips

Share tips and information for the industry or niche you are in.  If you are in beauty, you could be sharing skin care tips or how to put on makeup. If you can’t think of anything yourself to do you can always do what we already talked about – share other people’s information on the topic.

If you are sharing other people's tweets, make it easy on yourself and add people to a Twitter list. That way you can find all the people that tweet about similar topics in one place. Adding people to a list is another way to start building relationships with them.


I haven’t really used them in my marketing but I see a lot of people use GIFs.  This one here only took me a few seconds to tweet.

You can find GIFs easily when you tweet from the Twitter platform.  Click to send a tweet, write in what you want to say and then click on the GIF icon.  Here you can search for anything you want. Click on the one you like, it will upload and then click tweet to send.

GIF image

Lifestyle Posts

I'm a Twitter strategist and I support online entrepreneurs to create twitter strategies to gain more leads and exposure for their business. It is easy for me to talk about Twitter but we don’t want to be talking business all the time.

We all have interests outside of our business.  What do you think your community might be interested in? Is it beauty, fashion, travel or maybe keeping fit?

You can also post content around some of those topics – photos or information that would be of interest.

Here is an example of a post you could tweet (see how I added in my own comment as well as the link to the blog post):

Random Facts

You can post random facts, questions or funny snippets. Any of those kinds of things, they are going to be well received.  Google is such a wealth of information – you can find content on any topic you can think of.

Here are a few you can use (just click on the link beside it and it will post out onto your Twitter):

What's the wisest thing anyone has ever told you? <<Click to Tweet>>
What is something you have always wanted to try? <<Click to Tweet>>
Beach or mountains? <<Click to Tweet>>
The average person falls asleep in seven minutes. What about you? <<Click to Tweet>>

Your Turn

What I'd really love for you to do, is take on posting some of your own tweets, if you aren’t already. How often should you post on Twitter? It depends. You should post at least once a day.  You could post a tweet of your own, using some of the ideas from this post, and then retweet other people's tweets until you feel more confident or have more content of your own. You don't want your followers to forget about you.

Consistency is key!

Don't forget to thank the people that retweet you.  You can find that information by clicking on the ‘Notifications' tab in the top toolbar of Twitter.

I would love to connect with you on Twitter – you can find me @staceylmyers.

Let me know how you get on.  Have other ideas about what to tweet?  We’d love to hear them!

What’s the Point of Social Media?

What’s the Point of Social Media?

Social Media is great for building community but it isn’t great for selling products.  People just don’t buy straight from social media.

Of course, there are a few exceptions, but on the whole it just simply doesn’t happen. (I am going to add a caveat here, that since the explosion of live streaming there has been an increase in people making purchases from watching a live stream event.)

But, on the whole, people are not clicking on your link in Facebook and buying your $497 coaching program, or even your $97 course.

If people aren’t buying through social media, what should you be using it for?

Building Your List.

People that say email marketing is dead, are off their rockers.

Not starting to build their email list straight away is one of the biggest regrets of business owners.

You’ve probably heard it before – we don’t own our social media sites. We do, however, own our email subscriber list and no one can take it from us (if we have it backed up).

Social Media is a great resource for building your list.  You can show yourself as someone that knows what they are talking about and then people what to learn more from you.

So – where do you start with building your list?

You need to offer something people want – for free – that they are willing to part with their email address for.

I was always taught that you need to create this massive free offer that is so amazing that people would pay for it.  I created some of those – they took me weeks to put together. I can also tell you I have about 6 of them still sitting on my computer, never finished.

I no longer believe that your free offer has to be as big as a paid product. People barely finish products they pay for, let alone ones they get for free.

There's another problem with putting together a big product as your free offer – it is so overwhelming for the person starting out, that they never actually get started creating anything.

Years go by and they never build their list because, they didn’t know where to start.

I don’t want that to happen to you.

My new belief is: One problem – One Solution.

Your free offer shouldn’t be big enough to solve World Peace.  It should solve one problem that someone is having.

Ideally with your free offer you want the receiver to learn something, be able to implement it, and see a result with it.  That way people know you are someone that can help them get the results they want.

Here are a few examples of free offers I have:

The 3 Biggest Mistakes You Can Make on Twitter and How to Avoid Them

Problem: 3 of the biggest mistakes I see people make on Twitter.
Solution: 5 videos that show you what to do instead.

23 Ways to Use Twitter Lists

Problem: Too much noise in your Twitter Feed.
Solution: A list of ways to reduce the noise by using Twitter lists.

How to Create a Social Media Posting Schedule

Problem: No strategy for posting on Social Media.
Solution: 1 hour webinar taking you through how to create a posting strategy.

One Problem – One Solution

Have a think about one problem that people in your community are having, and what you can teach them that will solve their problem.

Still not sure what to offer? Start having a look at what other people in your niche are offering.  Of course, don’t steal exactly what they are doing, but you can use it to spark some other ideas.

For example – my free offer – The 3 Biggest Mistakes You Can Make On Twitter and How to Avoid Them.

This could be turned into:

The 3 Biggest Mistakes You Can Make When Training Your Dog and How to Avoid Them

The 3 Biggest Mistakes You Can Make When Decluttering Your House and How to Avoid Them

Spend some time thinking about a problem people in your community are having and the solution you could offer.

I would love to hear what you come up with in the comments below.
If you are stuck, let me know what you do and I will help you brainstorm something you could offer.

How to Find Engaged Users on Twitter

How to Find Engaged Users on Twitter

How to Find Engaged Users on Twitter

If you have been following me for any length of time you will know that I love Twitter.  If you are going to be on Twitter you want to make sure that you are following and interacting with people that are going to engage back with you.

Not all Twitter users are created equally.  If you are looking to build a thriving and engaged community you want to be following, and have following you, people that are already talking and tweeting other people's content.

The goal being, that if they are interacting and retweeting other people's content and you tweet something of interest, that they will then interact with you and share your content.

This is one of the videos that I am sharing in my ‘Explode Your Twitter Reach' 7 Day Challenge.

Finding engaged users on Twitter is easy if you follow these simple steps.

get more eyes on your tweetsDon't forget to grab your spot on the 7 Day Explode Your Tweet Reach' Challenge – where you will learn the free and easy strategies I used to build my audience to over 30 000 active and engaged followers.

Revoking 3rd Party Apps Access to Twitter

Revoking 3rd Party Apps Access to Twitter

Every time you log into a website with your Twitter username you allow that site to access, not only your Twitter account, but also some of the information you hold there.

If there is an option I will always log in using Twitter over Facebook as Facebook holds so much more information about us.

I happily use Twitter as a log in option, but just know that it does leave your account slightly vulnerable.  If anything happens to the site – it gets hacked for instance – that does leave you open to someone being able to access your account through there.

I have never had any trouble with that but just wanted to let you know.

It is partly why I go in and revoke access every now and then to all the places that I had authorised my Twitter account as a log in or access option.

It is really quick and easy to revoke access.  I take you through it in a couple of minutes on this video.

Zip on over to Twitter and unhook all those sites you never use anymore.

How to Add a Pinterest Widget to Your WordPress Website

How to Add a Pinterest Widget to Your WordPress Website

How to add a Pinterest Widget

How to Add a Pinterest Widget to Your WordPress Website

Are you using Pinterest? I love Pinterest, but it is a dangerous place to be.  I think it is even more dangerous than Facebook.  I just popped back over there for a minute to look at something and off I go down a trail of amazing holiday destinations or off on a food frenzy.

I always say that if you aren't already on a platform don't jump on board just for the sake of it.  Pinterest is a great place but it is also another thing to manage in your business.  If you are on there though, it would be great to connect. You can also, of course, connect with me through the widget in my sidebar.

In this video I show you how to add a Pinterest Widget to the sidebar of your site.  We look at creating a widget for your entire account or for just one board.

If you are on Pinterest leave your link below.  I would love to pop over and visit you!

Retweet with Comment Feature on Twitter

Retweet with Comment Feature on Twitter

New Retweet with Comment Feature on Twitter

Retweet with Comment Feature on Twitter

Have you seen that now when you retweet someone on Twitter you can add your own comment about the tweet.

This is great for a few reasons:

  • You have 140 more characters to talk about the tweet you retweeted. (Quite often before there wasn't enough room to say anything.)
  • It is a great way to build relationships with the people you are retweeting as you can start a conversation with them as you retweet.
  • You can add teaching points in the comments so people see you as an expert.

I am sure there are more benefits they were the first 3 that came to mind.

In this video you will see how the feature works, the different ways you can retweet and what the new retweet with comment feature looks like.


Have you tried out the new retweet to comment feature on Twitter?  How can you see it benefiting your social media efforts?