7 Ways to Generate Content Ideas

7 Ways to Generate Content Ideas                 Ever found yourself stuck for blog post ideas? It is something all bloggers experience at some point. Here are 7 ideas that will get you out of trouble: 1. Share your Favourites: Share your favourite book, website, podcast or movie that would be relevant… Continue Reading

What is an Offer Funnel?

What is an Offer Funnel? Basically an offer funnel is all of your offerings. It includes what you offer for free and what people pay for.  It is also referred to as a sales funnel. Every business needs a funnel in place, as it supports the marketing process. If you have it visually represented you can… Continue Reading

Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly?

Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly? Google made an announcement on the 21st April that they are going to be giving preference to websites that are mobile friendly. This is really important as around 60% of search traffic is now generated by mobile devices (ComScore, 2014). In this video I give you additional information about the update and where… Continue Reading