Social Podcast #1: What You Can Expect

Social at its Simplest

Social at its Simplest Podcast Show

Hello and welcome to the first episode of Social at its Simplest Podcast Show.

In this first episode I want to give you an idea of what to expect from the show.

This podcast is for you if are an entrepreneur, or you have the entrepreneurial spirit, and are looking to build relationships, and your business, through social strategies.  Strategies relevant for online, internet and network marketers, as well as those in direct sales and other work at home people.

The show will cover all the social aspects related to building a business – we will talk about social media, social marketing, social selling and building relationships. We will also cover topics related to building your business – such as blogging, building your list, attracting clients, becoming an authority and content marketing.

One of the main elements of the show will be answering people’s questions. So if you have a question the best place to ask it is on Twitter.  My username is @staceylmyers and use the #staceyanswers. Chances are that I will answer your question in an upcoming podcast.

To find the show notes to this, and upcoming episodes, when you visit the website click the podcast link in the navigation bar.

Be sure to subscribe to the show on iTunes so you automatically receive future episodes. I look forward to receiving all of your questions!

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